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In many emerging areas that are interdisciplinary in nature, Punjab Technical University shall provide opportinuities for doing Ph.D. in interdiciplinary research topics. The guidelines for interdisciplinary research are:

 1)   Candidates interested to carry out research work in interdisciplinary areas shall be permitted to have more than two supervisors/Co-supervisor(Maximum three). The supervisor/Co-supervisor must represent all discipline involved in the interdisciplinary research problem work. The supervisor/Co-supervisor could be chosen from the same or a different department/centre of Punjab Technical University or from any other University/Institution in India or abroad, who is recognized by Punjab Technical University.

2)   The Ph.D degree shall be awarded to the candidate in his/her core discipline.

3)   Interdisciplinary research proposal shall include two or more than two disciplines such as Computer Science/Electronics, Electronics/Mechanical, Mechanical/Computer Science, Computer Science/Languages, Chemistry/Physics to Biophysics, Bio-Chemistry, Materials Science/Mechanical Engineering etc. Similarly interdisciplinary research shall be encouraged in Arts/Humanities/Language. 

4)    A candidate applying for registration shall do so, specifying the broad field or an interdisciplinary field in which he/she intends to pursue research, the subject of research being wholly or partly related to the main branch of knowledge chosen for the post-graduate degree in which the candidate has qualified.  Applications for research in interdisciplinary areas shall be considered on the basis of proven ability and aptitude of the candidate and guides for such kind of research. The decisions in this regard shall be taken by the Expert committee headed by Dean, Research.



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