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All research scholars are required to spend at least 6 months for consultation and research work in the Department, wherever registered.  The certificate in this regards, by the Supervisor, counter-signed by the Head of the Institute, is to be submitted to Dean (Research) PTU.


Candidate shall fill the prescribed application form for registration and submit the same along with a fee of Rs.25,000/- and “Form Fee” as applicable, to the University through the Head of Institution for provisional registration. The candidate shall also submit one-page (maximum) report on the research area, in which he/she intends to work for his/her Ph.D. degree. Based upon this report, the candidate shall be advised to take up course work. Candidate shall complete the prescribed course work at the allocated regional centre/affiliated institution of university for a minimum period of one semester as per the scheme of examination of Ph.D programme by paying the prescribed fee, for the course work, as applicable to master’s courses, at the allocated regional centre.


 One of the courses shall be on research methodology (which may include quantitative methods and computer applications) which is compulsory to all the candidates and the second subject shall be recommended by the committee of Supervisor, Chairman BOS or senior member of BOS/ Senior Subject Expert and the Dean Research or his Nominee (Min. Professor Level). The courses should be of post graduation level as per the PTU nomenclature. The course should be completed by the candidate within coming two consecutive semesters, after provisional registration and the student must obtained ‘A’ grade or 65%  marks in the allotted course work.


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