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IKG-PTU has started an Industry defined projects (IDP) scheme from July 2011. Today, virtually all industrial research focuses on the solution of specific problems, often by building on the results of university research.

In this scheme as part of the course curriculum, a final year student has to work on a major project in the final year of his/her B-Tech, B-Pharma, M-Tech, M-Pharma, MBA program. The energy and time of the students may be utilized for innovative projects by encouraging them to work on projects defined by industry. A student will approach an industry and will take a problem of that industry as industrial project and work on this project to have solution of the project. PTU proposes to sponsor 1000 such projects. The grant provided to each project would be limited to Rs. 25,000. This scheme will promote students to work on practical problems being faced by the industry and also promote Industry-University Cooperative Research program. Because Industry-University Cooperative Research program will target specific, next-generation research in areas of State greatest strengths and opportunity, so it will prove to be a significant element in the state's strategy for maintaining its economic leadership. This would help in identifying the most promising research areas for new products that, in turn will create new jobs. In future, industries will be encouraged to approach PTU for solutions to their problem.

IKG-PTU invites online projects from students duly under this scheme. Till now out of 210 received proposals 28 have been selected for funding in the last 11 (June 2011 to June 2016) semesters.

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